The certification process is the only way to be a successful Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach.

Once you have applied, you can get started immediately. You will spend six months of intensive training in the Book Yourself Solid coaching system, whilst simultaneously working on building your coaching business in The Alliance With Michael for a full 12 months.

You’ll benefit from getting on the phone with Michael once to twice every week for the first year, and every month for the rest of your career. You’ll find that this ongoing support and the alumni network are the most valuable and rewarding aspects of becoming a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach.

The certification process includes a combination of self-study conducted in our proprietary learning environment, online assessment and one-to-one testing and tutorials to guarantee you master the most effective client-getting system currently available on the market. You will get personal support from an Elite Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach during the course of your certification.

You’ll also participate in four three-day workshops that take place throughout the year all over America. These events bring entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world together for three intensive days of business-building and networking.

The Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach License gives you:

  • License to use the Book Yourself Solid trademarked name and brand (no regional restrictions).
  • License to offer free promotional Book Yourself Solid teleseminars, webinars and workshops.
  • License to use the Book Yourself Solid system to coach paying individual clients.
  • License to use the Book Yourself Solid system to coach paying groups of clients.
  • License to represent and promote yourself as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach.
  • Listing and positioning as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach on
  • Opportunity to have your very own customized Book Yourself Solid website.
  • Opportunity to be featured in special programs and products like the Book Yourself Solid Amplified event attended by over 4000 business owners.
  • Access to a proprietary software system that includes a lead management CRM, client scheduling, and payments with the entire Book Yourself Solid system pre-programmed for easy delivery.
  • Opportunity to receive leads if the potential client fits your profile.
  • Comprehensive set of tools and skills to deliver one-on-one, in-person and virtual coaching, including complete PowerPoints decks, coaching forms, promotional materials, tele-seminar outlines, and more.
  • Use of the Book Yourself Solid sales, marketing and personal goal setting software that ensures you achieve your goals on time and with success.
  • Use of the Book Yourself Solid networking software that helps you build your network and get booked solid.
  • Complete mastery of the Book Yourself Solid lead generation system.
  • And much, much more.

The Book Yourself Solid Coach Certification will also:

  • Provide you with Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach banner images, icons, and other graphics to use in your marketing materials.
  • Support you with Book Yourself Solid business cards and letterhead templates.

And, don’t forget the invaluable ongoing mentoring from the founder, Michael Port, and his team, along with free participation in the Mentoring Program with Michael: a $6000 value for free.

We will take care of you from here on in.

As soon as you begin your training, you’ll get on the phone immediately with your own dedicated advisor.

Plus, Michael and Matthew will mentor you over the phone every week until you are certified and completely confident that you can successfully teach others how to get booked solid. Once you’re certified, you will continue in the Mentoring Program with Michael for another six months. After that you will have access to the Certified Coaches Inner Circle, and get on the phone with Michael every month. With this level of support, you will take a quantum leap toward bigger success.

Only highly qualified professionals will be selected. That doesn’t mean you need an impressive resume or vast experience in marketing but you do need to be a high-integrity, big thinker who wants to serve others.

The Application Process

There is a three step application process.

Click the “Apply Now” button below and submit your simple no-obligation application.


Once your application has been reviewed by the Head of Coach Training and the Dean of Admissions, you will be able to make a deposit for the program. You will then be scheduled for an interview with Michael Port to determine your suitability, and to answer any questions you may have.

After your interview, if both Michael and you feel that you will be successful as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, you will officially be accepted into the program and your spot will be secured. However, if either you or Michael don’t feel that the fit is right, your full deposit will be immediately returned.

You get $50,060 of mentoring for a fraction of the cost.

As a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach in Training, you also get:

  • Four 3-day in-person workshops with Michael Port ($6,000 value)
  • Weekly telephone coaching, training and accountability calls with Michael Port and Elite Level Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches. ($19060 value)
  • Promotion on Michael Port’s blog, inclusion in book projects, and other PR opportunities. (estimated over $10,000 value)
  • Plus, the Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach license. ($14,999)


Unlike many coaching partnerships, franchises and licenses, the Book Yourself Solid Certification is available for a one-time only fee.

  • No ongoing royalties, kickbacks or payments.
  • No geographical limitations.
  • No retainers, profit shares or subscription fees.

Once you are certified, your business is yours, and you keep the fruits of your labor. That’s how it should be, after all.

If you’re even thinking about what life might be like as a Certified Book Yourself Solid, fill out the application right now – there is no obligation to participate even if your initial application is successful. The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get a spot as there are always more applicants than spots available. Act now. Start your future today.

Fee schedule

Alternative payment plans are available on a case by case basis. Remember: you do not pay anything now nor do you enter any credit card information. You’re simply submitting your no-obligation application form.


Option 1

Single payment

(includes a $1,500 discount)


* Fully refunded if application unsuccessful.


Option 2

14 monthly payments

$1,599* deposit

plus $957
per month

* Deposit refunded
if application unsuccessful


Option 3

24 monthly payments

$1,599* deposit

plus $599
per month

* Deposit refunded
if application unsuccessful