There are approximately 150 Certified BYS coaches, here are just a few.

Chantal Debrosse

Chantal Debrosse is a small business coach who focuses on teaching baby boomer entrepreneurs to be aware of proven marketing techniques that can be applied to their businesses so that they can realize what it takes to easily attract more clients and more business while feeling energized and fulfilled.

“Before I learned the Book Yourself Solid System, I felt I had a pretty good grip on business. As a result of immersing myself in the program, I have expanded my own awareness as a business coach. An unexpected benefit for me was the personal growth I have experienced by looking at the training from not only its practical application, but from a philosophical perspective as well. Anyone undergoing the BYS training and certification will be ready to lead their field.”

Sue Painter

Sue Painter, founder of The Confident Marketer, works with small business owners and self-employed service professionals to narrow their niche, sharpen their marketing strategy, and increase their profits, even if they have not been very profitable in the past.

In as little as 60 minutes, Sue can assess the major factors that hold a business owner back.  Sue is a certified expert, formerly a Mastermind Leader for Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Club, and an expert for and  She is a published writer of dozens of articles on professional development, marketing and business building both in industry magazines and on the Internet.

“Being one of Michael’s Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches is just the best!  Many prospects recognize the value of his New York Times best seller, so a common bond is already established as we talk.  I’ve loved having access to Michael for continued Q&A calls for the certified coaches, too.  Promoting myself as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach gives me even more to offer my clients along with a competitive edge.”

Elizabeth Marshall

When you ask Elizabeth Marshall about the secret to spreading your message and selling books, she’ll tell you it all comes back to one thing: relationships.  Which is no surprise when you take a peek at how she’s grown her own business and brand.

Whether it’s hosting virtual book tour calls for bestselling authors, such as Dan Pink, Seth Godin, Carol Roth and Michael Port, through her brand or designing creative marketing campaigns for up-and-coming thought leaders, she draws on the deep connections she’s made over the years to make it all happen.

As a result of her relationship with Michael Port, she co-authored The Contrarian Effect, which was named the #9 Best Business Book of 2008 by the Editorial Board and a top ten business book for 2008 by 1-800-CEO-READ.  And, in partnership with renowned publishing strategist, Janet Goldstein, she launched Book Breakthrough NYC, an annual live event for authors and messengers who want to transform their message into a book and a movement.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael since before Book Yourself Solid was first released in 2006.  Not only did I have the opportunity to help him launch the book, but was able to learn and absorb the BYS system at a deep level.  The result?  Working with Michael has been a complete game changer for my business (and my life)!

Michael has been an invaluable mentor and guide. Being a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach has allowed me to provide immense value to clients and help me stand out in my work with authors and messengers.  I not only use Book Yourself Solid regularly in my own business, but I recommend Michael without reservation.  He consistently over-delivers and stands by his word – a person of the highest integrity and someone I’m proud to call friend.”

Jamie McKean

Jamie McKean helps passionate Experts and Business Consultants get more clients and is based in beautiful New Zealand, with clients across the globe.

“The Book Yourself Solid Journey has enabled me to add a hugely comprehensive step by step marketing system to my business – to both apply it for my own business growth, and to use with my clients too. That’s just the highly valuable system. On top of that is such a great group of people who are fellow Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches, and a leadership team who walk the talk at every step of the way. Combined, it’s close to priceless.”

Neelam Meetcha

Neelam Meetcha is a Business Fitness Trainer. Having developed and started two successful businesses, she now works with small to medium sized women owned businesses by teaching them how to take their business to optimal health and leverage their time through her business coaching programmes. She is a market leader within her industry and an inspirational writer.

“The Book Yourself Solid Coach Training has not only saved years of development of my coaching business but it has also saved me thousands of dollars in the long term.  It’s a system which when applied properly will propel your business to success.  Personally working with Michael Port and his team has been a life changing experience that has added immeasurable value to my life.”

Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is an online marketing and branding consultant who specializes in video marketing.  Lou uses his 20+ years background in network television marketing to help entrepreneurs and small business owners gain more visibility, credibility and profitability online.

“Being a Certified Book Yourself Coach has been an asset to my business and a huge plus for my clients, who now benefit not only from my experience, but also from the proven principles of the Book Yourself Solid system.  I integrate aspects of Book Yourself Solid into my marketing coaching every day, and it has become an integral part of my coaching and consulting.”

Cindy Earl

Cindy Earl is founder of Claim Your Spotlight Now, a company dedicated to teaching women entrepreneurs how to use authentic relationship marketing and online strategies to get known, get more clients and make more money in their business.

Cindy created The 6 Steps to Profit-Producing, Credibility-Building, Business-Boosting Social Media Marketing, a real-world, step-by-step “blueprint” that teaches entrepreneurs how to consistently bring in new clients and customers using the Internet. Through her coaching and training business, Cindy helps entrepreneurs maximize their profits using an integrated social media and online marketing strategy.

“Beging a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach has given me the systems and framework that have allowed me to coach with confidence! I know I am sharing a proven marketing system with my clients and they love the structure. Michael also helped me let go of many limiting beliefs that kept me playing small and staying stuck. Within a few short months I was able to attribute over $20,000 of business to beging a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach.”

Holly Chantal

Holly Chantal is the founder of the Land of Brand™ and specializes in helping coaches set themselves apart with truly unique brands through her fabulous website design, and the revolutionary Branding Game™.

“When I started out as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach I had just graduated college, had zero experience and no clue where to start.  What I did have was the passion and drive to create the coaching business of my dreams. The Book Yourself Solid System has not only helped me do that personally but it is the backbone of all of my offerings.

More than learning the Book Yourself Solid System, and having license to use it with my clients (because it works!) the relationships I’ve built through and beyond the program are probably the most valuable part.  When you become a coach you become a part of a very unique and supportive family.

When a student in the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training, you truly get everything you need to build a thriving business.  The system to build your business, the method to use with clients, and the type of supportive network that is critical to your success.”